Branko Vugrinec

Chairman & Founder

Branko Vugrinec is the Chairman and Founder of FOWE. He has over 40 years of commercial experience working in commercial and consulting firms in Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, USA, Singapore and Russia.

Branko was the commercialist in Croatia Foreign Trade.

Branko has an MA in Chemical Engineering from Zagreb University and he is Monaco based.

Dean Mihalic

Chief Executive Officer

Dean Mihalic is the CEO of FOWE. He has over 23 years of technical experience working with leading shipping companies in the marine sector.

Based in Monaco, Dean has degrees in Mechanical and Marine Engineering from University of Rijeka and he holds a Marine Chief Engineer licence.

Franjo Kusec

Inventor & Chief Engineer

Franjo Kusec is the Inventor of Cavitech️TM and the Chief Engineer of FOWE. He has over 30 years of experience working for refineries and companies in the oil industry, specializing in fuel production, R&D and investment in the oil sector. Franjo was the Investment Director and R&D expert in Croatian multinational oil company INA d.d. who has leading role in Croatia’s oil business and has a strong regional position in the oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, and oil product distribution activities.

Hemant Sondhi

Chief Operation Officer

Hemant Sondhi is the COO of FOWE. He has over 25 years of commercial and technical experience working with leading shipping companies in the marine sector.

Hemant obtained his degrees in Marine Engineering and Maritime Studies in Chennai and the UK. He holds the Master Marine licence and is based in Monaco.

Lalage Merello

Head of Corporate Affairs

Lalage Merello is the Head of Corporate Affairs of FOWE. She has been working for leading shipping companies operating worldwide fleets of tankers, bulkcarriers and offshore units for more than 25 years and she is experienced in commercial management, projects and corporate matters.

Tim Sanger

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Sanger is CFO of FOWE. He has a background in finance and has recently managed a wide variety of corporate transactions, contract negotiations and lending relationships in the shipping and offshore sector. Prior to this Tim was an investment manager in the commodities sector, and the founder of successful investment fund.  He started his career as a strategy consultant.

Tim has a First Class Masters in Engineering Degree from Cambridge University and is based in London.