Cavitech™ technology is an up-to-date technical solution that enables the execution of cavitation treatment of various materials with instantaneous mixing, heat treatment, dispersion, change of structure of aggregate state and activation of chemical bonds.

The CavitechTM Head Device

Long-term studies have confirmed that the number and configuration of CavitechTM head inner parts, together with the dimensions and the type of material of the CavitecTM head allow for multiple applications.

Generally, variations in CavitechTM head design make it possible to process different materials.


  • No moving parts, safe in operation
  • Compact and easy to install on a production line (like a 4″ valve)
  • Can be an integral part of the engine/burner/unit system
  • Effects are visible and profit realized immediately

Technology Overview

FOWE’s Controlled Cavitation Technology (CCT) is an up-to-date technical solution that enables the execution of cavitation treatment of various materials and instantaneous mixing, heat treatment, dispersion, the change of the structure of aggregate state and activation of chemical bonds.

Using CCT, the Cavitech™ head geometry promotes bubble collapse away from surfaces, providing extremely good mixing while avoiding undesirable polymer bonds and formation of free radicals generated in the bubble vapours.

FOWE remains completely stable for at least 12 months, so it can be used for the production of heat and electricity not only in refineries but also in many other thermal power plants and processes requiring heat.

Advantages of FOWE

  • Fuel savings of at least 5%
  • Lower carbon content
  • Lower sulfur content
  • Lower CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate emissions
  • No coke and soot deposits
  • Higher efficiency factors (η)
  • Significant sulphur corrosion reduction
  • Reduced vanadium pentoxide requirements
  • Reduced engine wear
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • More ON days of unit
  • Fewer investments in low-NOx technology


The controlled cavitation technology equipment consists only of a suitable pump, regulation valves and the Cavitech™ head. Generally, the valves and heads are sized to fit a 100 mm (4”) line. Cavitech™ heads may be arranged in parallel for increased capacity and/or redundancy. The simple design of the Cavitech™ head and equipment make it easy to install in existing piping between process components. Depending on the fluids being processed, the specific design of the head and the operating pressure can be adjusted to produce optimal results.
Three CavitechTM heads – the bolted assemblies to the left of the regulation valve – placed in the feed line before a refinery visbreaking unit heater.

Cleaner, More Complete Combustion

Compared to traditional fuels, combustion of emulsified fuel is faster and produces higher average furnace chamber temperatures, without the local overheating that favors the development of NOx.

HFO Combustion

FOWE Fuel Combustion

Fuel combustion is thus more complete and stable. The recent more rigorous legislation towards the reduction of NOx emission favours the application of emulsified fuels. Experiment and practice have proven that for every additional 1% of water in fuel oil the NOx emission is reduced by 1 to 1.5%.

Flexible Fuel Oil Water Emulsions

The Cavitech™ heads are capable of producing FOWE at almost any water concentration, but generally the favoured range for useful fuels is 10% to 30% water content. The emulsion produced is extremely well mixed and does not require additives to keep it stable. It can be fired in standard fuel oil burners without alterations and produces a cleaner burn with lower emissions of NOx and other pollutants.