Blending Lubricants

FOWE’s Cavitech™ head is suitable for the production of all types of lubricants. Ensure complete homogenization in just one pass, replacing the role of the traditional blending tanks in the process with just one Cavitech™ head.

With minimal energy consumption, minimal tanks usage and minimal additive consumption, the Cavitech™ head produces blends to meet the highest standards in the shortest possible time. Additives are dosed before simply passing at 2 – 10 bars through the head which is the size of a 4″ valve. The fully homogenized blend then goes straight into the finished product tanks.

With an automated mixing process, the dosing of the additive into the base oil is continuous throughout the mixing process. The Cavitech™ head is placed behind the additive dosing point. After passing the components through the head, the product is fully blended to the highest standard and ready for shipment to market.

The great advantage of FOWE’s technology is that it can be applied in the most modern blending technologies, as well as in older ones. FOWE’s Cavitech™ head completely replaces the ‘blending part’ of the lubricant production plant and reduces production costs whilst increasing production capacity.