Improved Visbreaker and Coker Performance for Better Yields

Making the most of feedstock can offer cost and environmental advantages to refinery operators. When used before the visbreaking or coker process, Cavitech™ heads—placed in the feedline before heating—provide the following benefits:

Real world test data
Measurement FOWE No FOWE
VBU capacity, t/h 44,6 45,9
Feed density, kg/m3 1025 1028
Feed viscosity, cst 3684 3663
VBR viscosity, cst 239 292
Break viscosity factor 15,4 12,5
VBGO draw out, t/h 2,94 2,19
VBGO yield, %m/m 6,59 4,77
VBB draw out, t/h 2,15 2,00
VBB yield, %m/m 4,82 4,46