Oil and Energy Sector Fuel

The best use of CavitechTM in an oil refinery is to produce fuel oil-water emulsions for refinery power generation and process furnaces.

The emulsion produced is extremely well mixed and does not require additives to keep it stable. It has lower carbon and sulfur content. It can be combusted in standard fuel oil burners without alterations and, compared to traditional fuels, produces a cleaner burn with lower emissions of NOx and other pollutants (reducing GHG greenhouse gas emissions).

CavitechTM can break down resin formed by polymerization in recirculation loops on storage tanks, to stabilize stored fuel oils and reduce aging.

CavitechTM can enhance the characteristics of diesel and jet fuel products as it improves the low-temperature characteristics of middle distillates, reduces particle contaminants and lowers the consumption of chemical additives for blending.